Welcome to Baby Buffer®

Thank you for visiting the Baby Buffer® website!  Baby Buffer® was developed by the Kansas Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics for parents with babies and toddlers. A “Baby Buffer” is a caring, responsive, consistent parent, who uses the latest information on how a baby’s brain works to give their baby the best possible start in life!

Weekly Emails
Add your baby’s birth date and your email address to the right to receive weekly, age-specific emails with information about your baby’s development and how you can be a Baby Buffer®.

Being a Baby Buffer® can be really easy, it includes taking time to interact and give your baby lots of “face time”, letting your toddler safely explore his world, and using positive discipline with your child.

What is this Brain Science Anyway?
We know so much about how a baby’s brain works! This video talks about the science behind the Baby Buffer® program, and our goal is to use this science to help you give your baby everything that she needs to grow into a healthy person.