Spring Cleaning Safety

Is “Spring Cleaning” in the air, or at least a thought?  Well consider safety issues for your Gene1little ones, before you start!  The American Academy of Pediatrics has some great information at www.aap.org  and I will paraphrase.  Each year about 2.4 million people, more than half under age 6, swallow or have contact with a poisonous substance.  Most poisonings occur when caregivers are home but not paying attention.  The most dangerous potential poisons are medicines, cleaning products, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, pesticides, furniture polish, gasoline, kerosene and lamp oil.

More poisonings occur when routines change, like these major cleaning times, or with holidays, visits to slightly unfamiliar homes (such as neighbors or relatives) or special events.  A few safety practices include:

  • Store medicines, cleaning and laundry products, paints/varnishes and pesticides in their original packaging in locked cabinets or containers, out of sight and reach of kids.  Don’t depend on safety latches to work; just keep things out of reach!
  • Never place poisonous products in food or drink containers.
  • Watch for small batteries, such as in greeting cards, remote controls, key fobs, or musical children’s books.

What to do if your child gets into a poison? Call 911 if your child isn’t breathing or is unconscious or having seizures.  If your child has come into contact with a poison, have the poison available to discuss with Poison Control and call immediately!  The Poison Control number is 1-800-222-1222. They will want to know what, when, and how:  what the substance is, when the exposure happened, and how much was taken or used, among other things.

Happy Spring Cleaning, and keep it safe!  Give that kid a hug.

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