What is the Safest Sleep for Your Baby?

SIDS is the #1 cause of death in infants ages 0-12 months.  This is a frightening statistic CH_Logo ORNthat leaves parents asking:

What is safest for baby?

The number one thing to remember is: Back to sleep is best.

  • Place baby on his back, alone, in his own space (crib or bassinet).
  • For newborns, they should sleep in a room where you sleep but not in the same bed.
  • Place baby in lightweight clothing.  Caregivers can use a wearable blanket or sleep sack but no loose bedding, pillows or blankets.

Crib Checklist

  • Ensure baby’s crib meets current safety regulations (i.e. no drop-down rails)
  • Firm mattress with tightly fitted sheet
  • No bumper pads or mesh liners
  • No loose blankets, bedding or pillows
  • No toys or stuffed animals
  • Smoke-free home

Places Baby Should NOT Sleep

  • On a caregiver
  • In an adult bed
  • In a car seat
  • On a couch
  • On a chair

Don’t forget to talk to your childcare provider about their sleep practices for your child.

Help educate grandparents, babysitters, friends and family to keep baby safe.



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