Keep Your Tricycle Rider Safe

Is your baby already tricycle riding? According to an article in the journal Pediatrics, with brady2bdaydata from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System for 2012 through 2013 over 9000 tricycle-related injuries treated in US emergency room visits showed the average age was 3 years.  Children 2 year of age had the highest frequency of injuries. Surprising to me was that toddlers 1 to 2 years of age represented over 50% of all injuries.  I guess I had not thought of many children under 2 years as cruising the byways on a tricycle. But obviously there are enterprising 13 monthers with the coordination to at least crawl on a three wheeled wonderment.

Lacerations, or cuts, were the most common injury, in total.  But internal organ damage was the most common injury for 3 to 5 year olds.  The head was the most commonly injured body part and the most common to show internal damage.  The most common fracture sites were the elbows.  About 2% of all kids were hospitalized. So, no matter our age, we often find that where we are in life isn’t where we think we want to be; so at 13 months we board a tricycle to careen head long to a trip to the ER for stitches, CT scan, or other adventures; and all due that deep-seated desire to be somewhere else.

Well, just remember, to teach that kid that to “go” may be fun, but there’s always a “stop”, and we want that to be safe.  Supervising your toddler whenever he might decide to joy ride on the tricycle will reduce the chance of injury. Oh, and don’t forget to teach Jr. that there’s a time to just “be” together.  And it starts with a hug.

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