Attack of the Plaque

It’s that time of year!! To beware of the “Attack of the Plaque”… dental plaque, that is…canstockphoto2376935_babywithtoothbrush coming to a little mouth near you!  Sounds like a horror film, and it is; but it could last a lot longer than the average Hollywood flick… “Attack of the Plaque” can last a lifetime!  “Attack of the Plaque” may go on for months, unknowingly…in tiny little crevices in and about those little teeth.  What with Halloween through Easter, there is ample opportunity for those cavity-causing bacteria beasties in little mouths to feast on the delectable of Holiday specials. And bacteria are like the rest of us; they love their sweets.

But, did you know that medications often have a lot of sugar that can be as bad as candy, holiday punch, and sweet tea? Yes, all those medications, like cough and cold liquids and chewables as well as antibiotics because parents often give those items, but FORGET to immediately give a drink of water or brush the little teeth.  Vitamins may fallow into that category of causing cavities, as well.

What to do?  Take a swig of water after eating or drinking anything, as everything but water can be broken down into something that can then cause cavities.  Especially watch any medications you give a child- ask the pharmacist if there is sugar in the prescriptions, and for any over the counter meds, be sure to read the label and act accordingly.   Brush teeth preferably twice a day.  Teach kids to floss when they are able.  See the dentist as often as recommended.  Don’t share spit. Use fluoride in the water, and if your water doesn’t have fluoride ask for a fluoride vitamin.  So don’t let your family get stuck with “Attack of the Plaque”.  Just keep the “Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads”, only in their heads… and not dancing between the teeth.  Give that kid a hug.

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