Protect those little ears!

Here are some tips for protecting your child’s hearing, especially during the Holidays.  Mother and sonThese come from, and I paraphrase.  Noise-induced hearing loss; it occurs from exposure to loud noise, mainly due to the use of personal audio technology and other smart devices, particularly with use of ear buds and headphones. Even toddlers are often using headphones, these days!

Some points to remember include taking “listening breaks”, meaning stop using the device periodically to let the ears have a break.  Also, be sure the volume is not as high as it will go, and in fact some devices have a control on the maximum volume.  Pay attention to toys for infants and toddlers, as some of these can cause hearing damage, when placed close to the face and ears.  A web site, provided by the “Sight & Hearing Associations Noisy Toys Study” at lists toys that are above the recommended 85decibel level.

And how about taking your young one to a noisy Holiday activity? Be sure to bring hearing protection for each child, which can include earplugs or ear muffs.  Keep a distance from the noise sources.  Perhaps, the most important mindset for parents to have when taking a child to a noisy venue, like a concert or sporting event, is to watch the child, and be ready to LEAVE if the child, or anyone with you is acting like their ears are hurting, by covering the ears, seemingly being uncomfortable, and or having any ringing or pain.  These are signs that the ears are stressed and this can cause serious damage.

Protect those ears… as you really want your child to absorb all the important knowledge you will spew forth each day…. Or at least hear and respond to the important things, like “hey, kid…I’m sure glad you are a part of my life!”.  Give that kid a hug.

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