Baby is Watching You!

Your baby is already checking in with you and can read your facial expressions and emotions. When your baby is uncertain how to respond to a situation, they will look at your face and respond based on what your facial expressions say. So, be sure to pay attention to baby in new or confusing situations. Baby will be looking at you for guidance.

When you see your baby look to you, be responsive by looking back at them with clear expressions and even using words to help explain how you feel about the situation. For example, when a new person tries to pick up your baby, the baby will look at you, whom they love and trust to see how you respond to the person trying to pick them up. If you respond with a smile and reassuring words, baby is more likely to let the person pick them up. Similarly, if baby is about to do something dangerous but looks at you first, they are less likely to proceed with the action if they see fear and panic on your face.