The Baby Buffer

Mother and sonThe First Year

During the first year, we’ll concentrate on your relationship with your baby.

The first six months are often very stressful for parents. Before you can take care of your baby’s emotional needs – you may need help in managing your own stress.  Nobody should have to go it alone. Find your “baby buffer buddies”. If you don’t have enough support or feel like you are having problems bonding with your baby – talk to your pediatrician.

The second half of the first year can also be stressful. Some babies really don’t want anybody but you, and you will probably need some time for yourself. There are positive ways to help your baby adjust to other caregivers without causing him or her (or you!) too much stress.

The Second Year

canstockphoto9758730During the second year, the baby becomes a toddler and strives to have “a say” in what is going on. Young toddlers often don’t have enough language to communicate and they are just beginning to develop the brain systems that help them to manage their emotions.

During the second year, we’ll concentrate on understanding your child’s temperament and in learning techniques to manage the inevitable emotional outbursts in a way that promotes health brain development and decreases toxic stress for your baby – and for you!