Face Time with Baby

Wow, your baby is changing so fast! At age six months, your baby may be sitting and canstockphoto0041567perhaps even moving around exploring at all of the cool things in their environment. Exploring is great for baby but remember the most importing thing they need to see is YOU!

From the moment they are born, your baby is ready and waiting for your love and attention. You can show them how important they are by looking at their face, smiling, talking and even making silly faces at them! Looking at your baby with a calm and happy face will help baby connect with you and to feel secure. It will also help your baby learn to pay attention. You may also notice that your baby is starting to imitate your smiles and funny faces! It’s true, babies like to look at bright shiny objects and all kinds of toys, but nothing makes them happier than seeing the face of person they love! Looking at your baby and communicating with them through your eyes, voice and emotions will make them feel safe, secure and loved!

  • Make eye contact with your baby as much as possible. Look and talk to them during feedings, diaper changes, reading and any other opportunity that comes along during the day.
  • Position your baby so they can see your face when reading a book to them. (We tend to put them on our lap but then they can’t see our face and expressions). They can be seated in a high chair or bouncy seat or on the floor if they are sitting on their own.
  • Remember, your baby would rather see your face than a bright or shiny object.