Gene Says

Gene1Greetings and salutations from the center of your living world – and, of course I mean your BABY! That Special Kid, or TSK for short.

I’m Gene, a special advisor for you, and I live in every cell of your body and your baby’s (TSK’s) body!  I live in the DNA parts which are the instructions that tell all the rest of your body what to do. I’m a little bossy that way!

YOU are the most important influence in the life of TSK, and you will give TSK 2 major things:

1. Before birth, you give TSK your DNA, which is all of the genetic material, or genes.

2. Now, for the rest of TSK’s life, you will supervise everything else that impacts TSK’s DNA including:

  • From you, TSK will need love, respect, and to learn important lessons like how to share.  TSK will also need food, shelter, clothing, and a safe world to grow up to be the best person possible.
  • From others (the social part), TSK will gain experiences from family members, friends, neighbors, and organized groups like daycare and church.
  • From the environment, you need to keep TSK safe from dangers like smoke, poison, and the sun.

It’s a Cycle!
There is a cycle for everything with TSK, called an Input-Processing-Output cycle.

The Input: this is everything from the food that TSK eats, the air TSK breaths, and interactions with you!

The Processing: this is where I come in!  We genes tell the DNA what to do with all the “stuff” that TSK eats, breathes, and is exposed to.  It’s a big job, but somebody has to do it, so we make chemical compounds like enzymes, brain transmitters, and hormones with all of the input.

The Output: this is what happens when TSK acts, thinks, talks and has other body functions.

My goal is to help you get all of the information you need to make healthy decisions for you and TSK every day.


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