Having a “Lovey” or Transitional Object

In between 8-12 months your baby may become attached to a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or other cuddly object and that is OK! These special objects provide baby with comfort and security are sometimes called “loveys.” Loveys are transitional objects, that is, they help baby cope with emotional transitions such as being away from a parent, or being in a new situation. Having a lovey is a normal part of development and can help baby learn to calm themselves or cope and become more independent. Babies will seek out loveys when they are upset, tired or hungry, just as they seek out their parents. Although loveys are not the same as a parent or caregiver, they may be an acceptable substitute for a short time. This may help baby adjust to short periods of time spent away from the parent or to cope with a stressful situation. Most babies will no longer need their lovey by the time they are 3 or 4 years old. Others will keep them longer, and that is OK too.

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