Make it a Habit to Pay Attention When Eating

A habit is a way of behaving : something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way.

Enter a study on the habit of eating while watching TV. willinhighchair

A study from the New York University School of Medicine looked at women and the habit of watching TV while eating during the third trimester and then again when the babies were 3 months old.

They found that 70% watched TV while eating during pregnancy and that 30% of infants were fed in front of the TV.  Those mommies under 25 years were more likely to feed the babes in front of the boob tube, and bottle fed babies were also more likely to experience media.  So, is this bad?

Well, numerous studies show that when our attention isn’t on eating, we have a tendency to eat more.  One theory of this is that we aren’t paying close attention to the signals the body is giving, so we just keep “shoveling it in!”

And the concern can be, that we get in the habit of “shoveling it in” to our babies, as well, especially, if we are thinking of something else, like that TV show, or that new text message…rather than really watching TSK (that special kid)!

Watch TSK’s signs!  Your TSK can give you clues that he or she doesn’t need any more.  Sometimes babies spit up if you over-feed them.  Children who are spoon fed some solids, can turn away or just not act interested.  Then is the time to stop.  But what if your child continues to eat, no matter what?  Then you need to stop and let the child’s tummy adjust.  And, DON’T forget the WATER!! Many babies are fussy when they are just thristy!

Have you every wondered what TSK’s stomach MIGHT be thinking (if it could think, that is)?

“Yoo-hoo… TSK’s Stomach down here talking… I’m f-u-l-l now…oh, No!… In coming!… More cereal?!!  I don’t think I can handle it…nope, I can’t!  Watch out above… Here she comes back at ya!”

Or, how about this one:

“Yoo-hoo…TSK’S Stomach here again…I’m full now… Oh, No!!  More Cheetos!  Who up there likes all those !@#$%  Cheetos? Must be that mouth. That mouth could be the death of me… why last week, a hard metal something came down the food tube.  Then there was discussion about a lost magnet. Had to go to ER for an X-ray, and was I hungry when that was all over…is anyone paying attention to TSK up there?”

As we all know things can happen during the 10 second commercial, or it just takes one swallow….

Or how about this one:

“TSK’S Stomach to Parent Brain, it’s getting thick down here, where’s the water? Have you noticed that TSK is fussy and kind of throwing things?  Well, he is THIRSTY, not HUNGRY!  Quit doing whatever it is you are doing (like watching TV or playing that video game?) and watch the signals- TSK isn’t very good yet at expressing himself, but he is trying. Just bear with him… and get me that water!”

Stomachs CAN be grumpy… just part of the package…   

So, moral of the story; Pay attention to TSK when he or she is eating.  There will be time later in life to watch TV, text on the phone or play the video games.  TSK needs you NOW for the little stomach to work properly and for TSK to learn the body signals, like feeling full and knowing when he or she is thirsty!.

Make it a habit to watch and talk to TSK during the meal.  That will help digestion, help TSK to feel more full, so he won’t be as likely to over-eat, and helps with all those other good brain development things.