Poison Safety

Are you ready to be safe from Poisonings with TSK? Your TSK is genetically engineered to poison-control-Logo_2004be CURIOUS, which means, if something is hidden, TSK will FIND it, and then open it, eat it or otherwise play with it.  If it is a poison…TSK can be hurt or even die!  So, the first step is to be SURE you have the Poison Control number by every phone in your house, or listed in your “favorites”.  If not stop what you are doing and get it posted now! The Poison Control number is 1-800-222-1222.

But if TSK gets into something, what SHOULD you do?  Well, that question was asked in a study reported in the journal Pediatric Emergency Care.  The authors presented parents of kids 5 and under with two poisoning scenarios and asked them whether they would call 911, their doctor, or the Poison Control Center, or if they used the internet, what would they search.

The authors then searched sites that might easily come up for parents.  Only about 2/3 of the sites recommended calling the Poison Control Center or health care providers.  None of the websites had adequate information for managing the poisoning without outside consultation. Only about a quarter of sites gave any first aid information. Only 22% had information on how to determine whether to manage the poisoning at home or go to the Emergency Room. And only 13% had information on toxic dose levels.

So, if parents use the internet for poisonings, they may be wasting valuable time and NOT getting accurate answers!

The take home message is, if TSK is having trouble breathing or is acting very abnormally, call 911.

If TSK isn’t that serious, call the most reliable source, the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222; they will be able to give much better information more quickly than most other sources.  Of course, prevention is truly the key.  With potential “Spring Cleaning” around the corner, now is the time to get down at your child’s level very often and be sure nothing bad is available for exploring little hands.  Keep it safe, with that Poison Control number, 1-800-222-1222. Give that kid a hug and enjoy TSK’s genetic curiosity!  Gene.