Reading Baby’s Cues

During the 0-6 month age, babies communicate by crying, vocalizing (e.g., cooing, littlebittywillwhining) and by using their body movements. Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what baby needs because they can’t talk. But, you can do this by paying close attention to the Baby Cues they send you. Baby Cues are signals or signs that baby sends you to let you know what they need. Pay attention and respond quickly when your baby cries. When you respond quickly it tells baby that you hear them and that you want to help meet their needs. Soon you will be able to tell the difference between a cry that say “I’m hungry” and a cry that say “My tummy hurts.” Babies will use their body language to tell you if they like something or if they are overwhelmed. Here are some examples of baby body language and what it might mean:

  • Rubbing eyes and yawning – I’m tired
  • Licking lips, rooting or crying loudly – I’m hungry
  • Relaxed body posture or making cooing sounds – I’m happy, Talk to me!
  • Looking away, turning head away, arching away – I don’t like that or I need a break

Reading Your Baby’s Cues

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