That Newborn Time – The Dance of Needs and Wants

Congratulations!  That Special Kid, or TSK as we call him or her, is such a special little bundle of…joy…probably some crying…and of course dirty diapers!  You may have had a routine to your life, like eating, sleeping, exercising at certain times of the day, but NOW nothing happens as usual!  Many parents feel overwhelmed and even sad or depressed during the early weeks and months of having a baby.  This can be normal, but it certainly isn’t any fun!  “Newborn Parents” (that’s YOU) need to learn how to “check-in” with their feelings and emotions.  When you learn to feel when you are tired, frustrated and about to snap you can learn how to manage the situation.  I know you can do it!

Here are Gene’s tips for “Newborn Parents”:

  • Make eye contact with your baby when he or she is awake and smile and talk to your baby.  This makes you feel better and REALLY helps your brain development!
  • Try to keep your life in a routine, I know it’s hard, so don’t worry if it doesn’t always work out.  Try to eat and exercise when you used to do so, and as for sleep…well you just have to catch some when you can!  Fear not – the routine will return.

“Check-In” Plan (what to do when you feel bad or overwhelmed):

  • Take a slow, deep breath every and think about how much you love TSK
  • If there are others helping to take care of the baby, then divide the duties and be     sure each person has some free time.
  • Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water
  • If there is a lot of yelling or anger or people might hurt each other call someone         right away to help.  That isn’t safe for TSK and it will hurt his or her brain                   development.